Students approved for the Globelics Academy 2012 
Name Nationality University Paper
Abolaji Dauda Dada  Nigerian OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY, ILE-IFE,  NIGERIA Evaluation of Technological Capability and innovations in the Nigerian Cassava Processing industry
Agne Paliokaite  Lithuanian University of Management and Economics (Lithuania) The Relationship Between Organisational Foresight And Product Innovation In Small And Medium Sized Enterprises
Alexandra Tsvetkova Russian University of North Carolina - Charlotte External Effects of innovation on Firm Survival: Evidence From Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing, and Healthcare 
Andrews Connex Lenard Safalaoh Malawian University of Nottingham, UK Pro-Poor innovations? Determinants of Adoption of the Black Australorp Chicken Breed and Application of the innovation Platform Concept in Malawi;
Ayoub Moustakbal Morroccan University of Quebéc at Montreal The Disappearance of Canadian Biotechnology Firms: What Are the Lessons for Emerging Countries?
Chipo Mukonza Zimbabwean Tshwane University of Technology Adoption of Biofuels Technologies by Smallholder Farmers in Zimbabwe
Danilo Chávez Rodríguez Bolivian EGAP School of Government and Public Policy, Tec de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico Institutional Framework for Fostering Innovation Capabilities and Collective Action: the Case of Nuevo León, Mexico
Desiree Lorraine Mosima Teresa Ibouanga-Bassoumba South African  University of Stellenbosch, South Africa “An Assessment of Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators in Selected African Countries: Ghana, South Africa and Tanzania”
Fayaz Ahmad Sheikh Indian Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi-India  Community Innovations in the Informal Sector: A Study of Kashmiri Pashmina Shawls
Flávia Oliveira do Prado Vicentin Brazilian Universidade de São Paulo Innovation Process and International Networks in the Brazilian Biosciences Industry
Gulifeiya Abuduxike Chinese Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Health Biotechnology Development in Malaysia: Targeting Local and Global Health Needs Through Health Technology
Javier Papa Argentinean & Italian Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena Sailing Through Stormy Waters. the Case of Latecomer Firms in Argentina
Julio Cesar Zuluaga Colombian Universidad de los Andes, Colombia The influence of Regional Knowledge Spillovers on the Innovative Performance of Firms. A Multilevel Approach
Karine Daiane Zingler Brazilian Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo Policy Design and Implementation Towards National Systems of innovation – Some Evidence from the Brazilian Case
Mariama Ndong Diaham Senegalese University of Gaston Berger, Saint-Louis, SENEGAL Innovation and Developing Country Subject: Governance of Public Research and Innovation in Senegal
Manager Mhangarai Muswaba South African  TSHWANE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, South Africa Corporate Governance and Governance of innovation: the Case of Public Further Education and Training Colleges in South Africa
Margarita Marcela Suárez Estrada  Mexican Freie Universität Berlin Knowledge Production Networks in Nanotechnology in Mexico: Dynamics and Politics Between the Local and the Global Dimensions
Marconi Aurélio e Silva Brazilian Universidade Federal de Pernambuco Innovation in Oil and Gas in Brazil: agents, policies and networks
Maria Cecilia Tomassini  Uruguayan Universidad de la Republica Innovation For the Ongoing National Care System: Contributions to the Promotion of Social inclusion
Miklos Lukacs de Pereny Peruvian University of Manchester Leveraging The Institutional Dimension Into The Alpaca Fibre Global Value Chain
Murad Ali Pakistan Inha University, South Korea A Study on the Process Model of Knowledge Absorptive Capacity for Technological Innovation Capabilities: A Content Analysis Approach
Ogundiran Soumonni Benin Georgia Institute of Technology Nanotechnology and Renewable Energy Development in China and South Africa: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Innovation
Patrícia do Espírito Santo de Vasconcellos Brazilian Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro The institutions on the National System Innovation: the Role of the Brazilian Regulatory Telecommunication Agency
Sanjaya Kumar Malik Indian Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum (India) Capital Goods Sector in India, 1990-91 to 2007-08
RAKESH KUMAR PATI  Indian  Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, India Grassroots Innovation & Development of Rural Poor: Evidence From India
Shakespear Mudombi Zimbabwean Tshwane University of Technology Analysis of the Role of Information and Communication Technologies (Icts) in Climate Change Awareness in Seke and Murewa Districts of Zimbabwe
Tatevik Poghosyan Armenian MERIT-UN University in Maastricht How Does the Network Structure Affect Firm Performance and innovation Incentives in Transition Countries? The Case of Armenia
Tatu Lyytinen  Finnish Research scientist at Finnish Technical Research Center (VTT), Finland Regional and organizational innovation capacity and international knowledge transfer: case CICITEM in Antofagasta, Chile
Tulio Chiarini Italian UNICAMP, BRAZIL Essays on the university-industry relation in the periphery in the context of the contemporary capitalism: the Brazilian case
Xiaoling CHEN Chinese Zhejiang University, China Learning by Decomposition and Recombination in Technological Catching-Up: A Case Study of a Chinese Leading Air Separator System Manufacturer, 1978-2008
Yap Xiao Shan Malaysian University of Malaya Industry Specificities: Technology and Innovation Capabilities of Semiconductor Foundries

Students approved for the Globelics Academy 2012 - Brazilian 2012

Name Nationality University
Ana Czeresnia Costa Brazilian Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Ariela Cordeiro Diniz Brazilian Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Danilo Raimundo Arruda Brazilian Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Eduardo Urias Brazilian UNU-MERIT 
Maria Gabriela Podcameni Brazilian Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Mayra Bezerra Rodrigues Brazilian Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Ricardo Lobato Torres Brazilian Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Roberto Wagner Mendonça Brazilian Universidade de Brasília
Yara Fonseca de Oliveira e Silva Brazilian Federal University of Rio de Janeiro